Freitag, 22. März 2013

Bend it like Beckham

Hey my dears,
this post will be in English, beacause the book i want to present is also in English. The book is "Bend it like Beckham" written by Narinder Dhami. We are reading it in the English lessons.

The book is about the indian girl Jesminder 'Jess' Bhamra who loves to play football and dreams of playing football as well as her "god" David Beckham. But her family is against that an indian girl shows her legs and so much skin and that she don't stand in front of the cookingplate, married and shy.

Jess' family is very traditional and her sister is going to marry soon. One day. while Jess is footing around with her male friends in the park, a gril named Jules invites her to play for the girls team of the Harriers. Jess ignores that her parents are against it and she starts to train secretly. The book is full of missunderstandings and weird situations. For example that people think Jess is lesbian and that her best friend who is also an idian is gay.

In my opinion the book is also good for a read exept from school, but the price of 7€ is pretty much for ca. 100 pages. The book is also written in german and i think this is a bit longer then that maybe would be an alternative. I liked the book, even it was a book for school and indian girls and football aren't my favourite topic. So, just read it and find out.

The german review will come on sunday (24.03.2013).

Yours, Laura <3

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